A scratch on his car is very unsightly, whether it is superficial or not. So how do you repair scratches on the bodywork and restore the car to its original condition?

So how do you repair scratches on the bodywork and restore the car to its original condition?

Removing a scratch on a car will not be done the same way depending on whether it is deep or not. In the case of a superficial scratch, it is very easy to repair the scratch on the car without calling a professional. To erase a micro scratch, several recipes from grandmother can be of help. First of all, the cigarette ash: to remove the scratch on the car, it suffices to pass a cloth rolled into a ball moistened and sprinkled with cigarette ash over the area concerned. On the other hand, the same can be done with a cloth impregnated with toothpaste. 

There are also pastes specially made for removing scratches from a car; then it suffices to put a small amount on an extremely soft cotton cloth and thus pass the product on the place which requires repairing the scratches of the car and you can Buy Used Cars for Sale. It can also be done more simply with clay stone, in the same way, by taking a little clay stone with your finger surrounded by a soft cloth. Two other products are also very interesting for removing scratches from a car: polish, a conditioner for wooden furniture and polish red, to be applied with circular movements. In all cases, whatever the product used to repair the scratch on the car, you must act very carefully, with light and preferably circular movements and let dry for the necessary time,

We speak of deep scratch when the absence of varnish or paint shows a white trace or the very deep alteration of the bodywork creates a roughness on the surface thereof. If there is a deep scratch on the body of the car, it is essential to act as quickly as possible. This is because if the car is left in this condition, rust could settle in the scratch, making repairing the scratches on the body more complicated to perform. If the coating applied before painting is reached, it is necessary to spread the rust inhibitor as quickly as possible using a fine brush. To repair the scratch on a car, it is first possible to use a special touch-up pen, which will conceal the scratch. There are all shades, corresponding exactly to that of the car, the color reference being written on a plate located in the engine compartment or in the trunk. Such a pen is easily found at a dealership or in an auto center. If this touch-up pen is equipped with a brush that is too thick for the fineness of the scratch to be repaired, it is advisable, to erase the scratch from the car in a clean and efficient manner, to use a very fine artist’s brush. The greatest precaution is in order during this operation, because the slightest overshoot could only worsen the situation. The downside with such pens, as with all scratch removers sold at car dealerships, is that they only come in the most popular colors; if the color of the body to be repaired stands out,
In the event that the scratch is so deep to the point of making the paint color disappear, and leaving the sheet metal flush with the surface of the bodywork, it is essential, before thinking about repairing the scratches of the car themselves , to pass a stroke of paint on the affected area, after having first rubbed the area with the greatest softness using sand paper, which smooths the scratch. Then, you have to fill this scratch with the brush with the appropriate paint, being very careful not to protrude. In case of protrusion outside the scratch itself, the paint must be quickly removed, for example with a cotton swab. Several coats of paints can be applied if necessary to remove scratches from the car.

If the scratch is really too deep or the damaged area is very extensive, it is best not to do things yourself, which could make the situation worse, and have them done by a body painter.

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