In today’s world, when everyone is running behind money, growth, and development. It becomes really difficult for us to consider the well-being of our mother nature. The development of human society is being done at the cost of the health of the environment in which we live in. Under such circumstances, houseplants prove to be an effective option for doing something for the natural environment. Online shopping for indoor plants can help you to enjoy the blessings of nature inside your house. These plants can grow up to different sizes, whether tall or short. You can place tall plants inside your house to fill the spacious corners or cover the empty walls. Indoor plants can reestablish your connection with the environment and can add beauty to the decor of your house. Besides being positive on the beauty quotient, these plants are blessed with several health benefits as well. Indoor plants can clean the inner ambiance of your house. Let us have a look at the list of tall plants that can be placed in our house.


Ficus lyrata or the fiddle leaf fig is one of the most commonly sold indoor plants. It is a hardy that can actually grow up to a height of 50 feet. The tropical rainforests have an abundance of these plants. Bringing it inside your house will result in adding beauty to your home. As an indoor plant, you can choose to trim it frequently and keep it short, but the real beauty of this plant lies in its length. It grows well under indirect sunlight and needs to be watered only when the soil becomes dry. You must follow a well-planned schedule for watering the plant and add fertilizer to the soil as well.


Popularly known as the Madagascar Dragon tree, Dracaena Marginata must be an ideal pick for people who have their day packed in a tight schedule. These plants can be grown well in low light as they require moderate amounts of sunlight for their growth. You must be careful that you do not place them under direct rays of the sun as it will result in the leaves being burnt or damaged. They are highly resistant to heat and dry conditions. So even if you forgot to water the marginata, you wouldn’t have them dead. This plant is well-known for purifying the air.


Botanically named as the Araucaria heterophylla, you can Buy plants online by mentioning them as the Norfolk Island Pine. This vascular plant belongs to the conifer family of plants. If placed outside, they can grow up to a height of 200 feet. Though they require the sun in ample amounts, you must not place them directly under sunlight. They are commonly used as little Christmas trees because of their resemblance to them. This is the reason why they make most of their sales during the Christmas season. People buy them for them and also offer them as gifts during the Christmas season. However, one must not abandon them once the Christmas season gets over. You must water them after every 8-9 days.


Growing up to a height of 6-7 feet, these plants are a great choice for making an addition to your collection of indoor plants. It is excellent at removing harmful chemicals such as xylene and trichloroethylene from the air. You must water them frequently as they need moist soil for their growth. Areca palms have botanically been named chrysalidocarpus lutescens. Other names for this flowering plant are butterfly palm, yellow palm, or dypsis lutescens.

By trimming them at frequent intervals and watering them well, you can ensure their longer lifespan.

So this was a piece of interesting information about plants that you can get for your house. However, it is essential to look after the plants and take care of their water and light requirements. If you are aware of the feng shui tips associated with plants, you may choose to go Online shopping for money plants. This little vine can grow into a tall one if taken proper care of. You can purchase this ornamental vine to decorate your house. It is also believed that houses with money plants are blessed with wealth.

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