Whether you grow cannabis or vegetables indoor grow tents are a game changer and a must have. Grow tent popularity has been on the rise specifically because of many states legalizing the use of cannabis. Moreover, Canada has legalized cannabis for the entire country, and yes that includes growing it too! This has created a huge market for grow supplies including grow tents, grow lights, pots, nutrients, soil and so much more! According to stats Canada, 18% of Canadians have reported using marijuana within the last 3 months and this number is growing as is the number of people who cultivate their own cannabis.

So why should you use grow tents? Most people think of growing outdoors. And it’s a great idea! Free light, free water it only makes sense to take advantage! Outdoor grows are great for many reasons, however there are many drawbacks to an outdoor grow while indoors are usually far superior. Here’s why grow tents are better:

-Complete climate control

The biggest advantage of using an indoor grow tent is that you have full control over the climate of your grow tent. You can choose the temperature, humidity, light intensity and so on. When you leave plants outdoors you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Too much light or too much water could be detrimental to development of the plants. I’ve even seen plants destroyed by a strong gust of wind snapping the main branch. Imagine spending months caring for your plants to have it all disappear overnight. All of these issues could be avoided by growing indoors allowing you to have control over the elements.

-Pest control

Another factor to consider is bugs and pests. Leaving your plants outdoors can attract all kinds of mites and spiders that can chew on your leaves and cause harm to the plants. Even critters like squirrels can dig up your plants leaving you with nothing. If you notice that pests are starting to damage your plants there are methods to help remove them. However if you are outdoors there is nothing stopping them from coming right back when you are done.


This is another common issue found with outdoor plants, and it can be 100% negated by simply using a grow tent instead. Mold and mildew usually begins to form in high humidity conditions. If your grow tent had high humidity you could easily control this by increasing fan speed, or installing a dehumidifier in the area. You also have the advantage of water the soil directly, as opposed to rain falling on the leaves. If the rain doesn’t dry up quick enough the moisture could cause mold to form in your buds, therefore ruining the entire harvest. Climate control is super important!


Another advantage many people don’t think of is the stealth factor. Leaving valuable cannabis plants outside create the opportunity for someone to steal the. Grow tents are very stealth. They can be hidden in your basement or even disguised as something else. With the use of a carbon filter you can block out almost the smell.

-How to make your own grow tent

Making a grow tent may seem like a daunting task at first, but its really not that hard. Luckily there are many great resources such as Youtube, Reddit, and dedicated grow tent blogs like www.EasyGrowTent.com. With these resources you will have everything you need to get started and make a successful grow!

Overall, indoor grow tents are the superior method of growing any type of plant. They produce much bigger yields when trained properly, and higher potency buds due to strict climate control. For many people a grow tent is their best option. No matter how much space you have there are options for you! These tents come in all shapes and sizes to fit any available space that you have. For more information on how to choose the right grow and start your own grow, visit www.EasyGrowTent.com

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