It is true that SEO is not an easy concept to understand. Indeed, very few professionals yet present on the web do not even know what it is. And yet it is an incomparable web marketing lever. It is for this reason that we are going to see together what SEO is and how it can be used to develop your presence on the web.

Definition of SEO

Natural referencing (also called SEO, “Search Engine Optimization”) represents the art of positioning your website in the first results of search engines (especially Google) through specific techniques, called “natural”. For several years now, promoting good SEO on your site has become a priority. Why ? Because it is what makes it possible to generate quality traffic on your web pages thanks to a better visibility, and this in the long term.

Importance of SEO

Overall, the first three pages of natural results get the majority of traffic. However, some studies give us some data that must be taken into account: 90% of traffic would be generated only by the first page, of which more than 60% exclusively on the first three results.

To be clear, if you’re at the bottom of the first page or further down on your core business queries, you’re only getting a tiny fraction of natural traffic. So this is where SEO comes in! It will allow you to better position your pages on strategic and targeted words or expressions.

How to optimize your natural referencing?

Optimization for search engines represents the set of techniques that improve its natural positioning on the results pages of a search engine. Here are the main elements to work on to optimize your SEO:

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  • The technique :

One of the major criteria in the eyes of Google is the cleanliness of its HTML code. Take the time and care to structure your texts in particular using the H1, H2, H3 title tags… and complete this with the Meta Title and Meta Description tags within which you must integrate strategically chosen keywords.

Secondly, you must focus on the images you integrate, they must be quick to download and include a description of their content within the Alt attribute, this is what allows them to be read by the engine. of research.

And finally, you need to manage the overall download speed of each of your pages. It is in particular by managing the caches that you will be able to adjust this aspect.

  • The contents

The second element that you absolutely must work on in order for your website to rank well on search engines is its content. This must correspond to the requests of Internet users: you must therefore include the words used by your potential visitors within your content. This will be a sign for Google that your website offers the information that Internet users are looking for.

Many tools such as Google Keywords Planner or Google Adwords can allow you to do a keyword research in order to identify those that best correspond to the keywords used by Internet users that you want to attract to your website like a logo design company. The goal is to provide a solution to the problem of this target. But of course in addition to having the right keywords, your content must be interesting, well structured and written as well as updated regularly.

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