Direct mail plastic cards

Today, everything has gone digital, including marketing. Although marketers are allocating a larger budgetary share to marketing in the digital space, there is still a choice of traditional marketing that you can always make use of. In fact, an all-round channel that includes digital and traditional strategies can actually lead to excellent results because you have better opportunities to stand out in the traditional marketing space.

Especially direct mail is a good bet because it is the preferred way of consumers. According to research, 62% of US respondents actually read their mails. And direct mail plastic cards are more likely to stand out and bring in more customers to your business for a number of reasons.

Direct Mail Success Statistics

Studies show direct mail response rate is much higher than other forms of digital communication. The average direct mail response rate is 3.40%, while the average email response rate is 0.12%. When you add cards to direct mail, the results are significantly improved.

Since the plastic card imitates the appearance and feel of the authentic bank card, the recipient can quickly open your mail and respond to your quote.

How to Use a Plastic Card for Direct Mail Marketing

Using a plastic card in your direct mail marketing endeavors is great. But at the same time, you should know how to properly use it. Factors such as design and including offers are some of the things that you can do to make your plastic card stand out and make your direct mail marketing a success. Following are a few things you should consider when using a plastic card for direct mail marketing.


When you add personalization to your card and the attached letters, you can better engage the recipient. Plastic cards with recipient’s name create an effect that immediately grabs their attention.


To convince the recipient to open the message, place the card in the envelope window. Again, all you have to do is make sure your card and account number are visible just as the recipient holds the letter. This will increase curiosity and chances of response is greatly enhanced.


Use a bright label to create an urgent feeling and call to action. Phone numbers, websites, and purls (personalized URL) are working well in this space.


Add important information to your card and tags so that you can save and reference it later. This card is a portable reminder to call or register for the product or service.

Advantages of Direct Mail Plastic Cards

The costs of your direct mail campaign is actually more affordable than what you think, and it provides a higher return on investment. Both B2B and B2C Marketing people can get the benefits of adding cards to direct mail campaigns.

When you add a card, it can be personalized to increase participation and it can provide you with a less crowded avenue to sell your products and services. If you want your mail to really stand out, add a plastic card that can be felt just by touching the envelopes.

Direct mail plastic cards are thus a great way to stand out in your mailing campaigns. Just follow the tips mentioned above and your mailing campaign will have higher chances of being successful.

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