If you are thinking of building your swimming pool or renovating it, giving it a breathtaking appearance, the solution with a beach could be for you.

This choice has already existed for decades and over time it is gaining ground thanks to its fascinating design, not indifferent comfort, and guaranteed accessibility to anyone. These characteristics undoubtedly place it as one of the most suggestive solutions for those who want to recreate their own corner of paradise.

But what are its characteristics? Is it really a solution that fits all needs?


This type of swimming pool looks like a beach in the true sense of the word. The gradually inclined entrance, designed to simulate the water’s edge, has no stairs to climb or descend but will facilitate your entry, allowing you to approach the water psychologically easier.

This section is usually decorated with partially submerged boulders or small ornamental statues.

The surrounding environment can also be embellished with elements typical of seaside resorts: sand, rocks, waterfalls, and plants. The sand can be artificial or natural, the rocks and waterfalls will be placed to recreate enchanting corners where to stop, while the plants will give the whole environment a natural and exotic touch.

Usually, this type of swimming pool is built in concrete or is found in fiberglass, with all the pros and cons that these two materials offer. Concrete gives you flexibility in customization, while fiberglass offers standard solutions and, not being built on-site, could present transport problems for larger tanks.


The advantages of those who choose a swimming pool with a beach are notable at a glance:


What most characterizes this pool is the ease of entry and, in general, its practicality. This is generally the ideal solution if your family is made up of children, seniors or people with disabilities who need support but still want to relax and enjoy the pool.


By creating your own beach you will make your garden a comfortable, natural place with a great aesthetic impact.


The shallow depth of the water at the entrance will allow you to enjoy a shoreline effect as if you were on the beach, able to refresh you and make the action of the sun on your skin more pleasant.


Unfortunately, there are also many disadvantages for those who choose the swimming pool with a small beach:


The first could be the size of your pool. This is because the sloped entrance will inevitably take away a significant amount of useful space to reach the bottom. This means, for example, that you will need 3.5 meters of the slope to reach approximately one meter in depth.

Movement restriction

If you are looking for a pool in which to swim consistently and dive, the swimming pool with a beach may restrict your movement. The cause lies in the fact that to recreate the oasis effect very often we use free-form backdrops and walls. In this case, we recommend a pool with a sloping but squarer entrance and a regular bottom.


The costs for the swimming pool with a small beach could be higher than the most common types, given the customizations that the entrance to the beach requires and (if necessary) the presence of the various characteristic elements such as rocks, waterfalls, or caves.


A significant disadvantage that you may encounter in the construction of your swimming pool with a beach is the possible lack of specialized contractors for this type of pool.


The shallow water depth on the water’s edge may force you to pay more attention to the presence of insects in your pool.

The swimming pool with a beach is certainly the ideal solution for you if you have a large garden, if you want to make it accessible to anyone and if you aim to recreate an environment that is as natural and exotic as possible. Being able to take advantage of all these advantages is certainly a plus that the most common pools are not able to give you.

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