5 things to avoid doing on your first date

First date is everything. There is so much that we all are planning for and there is so much that we can do for our loved one. You may love them right now if you think about knowing them more and then proceeding. There are so many romantic things that you can do for them and remind them about how much you love them. The reminder of love is not in words. The actions that you have towards someone also matter. The way you tend to react when they are around you is also important. Thinking about your first date might give you some butterflies in your stomach right now but you must think through and then act accordingly.

There are certain things which must be avoided on the first date. The first date is all about how you present yourself to them. Being yourself is the best thing that you can do but you must also give your best first impression. Pit on the best clothes you got, smile brightly, opt for online flower delivery and surprise them on the first date with something. Get something for them on your first and don’t go empty handed. There are a few things that you must avoid:

The ex’s

The first date Is the time when you should talk about things with your loved one. Talk about the hope and the love that you have for them. Listen to their expectations. Talk to them about how much their support means to you and how grateful you are for them. The Talk about your ex and the previous relationship should not be talked about on the first date. This is bound to be a major mistake. Most people tend to bring this up and kill the vibe. Everything has its time but this is not the time to talk about ex or your previous relationships so choose the topic that you are going to talk about wisely.

the magical words

The magical words would be perfect for your loved one and we know that. We All want to express our love to them but a first date is not a perfect choice for that. You must opt for the magical words but at a very later stage and then express what you feel about them and for them during that time. It all depends on how you express your feelings and you must opt to express it slowly. The first date is not for saying the magical words but it is the time when we get to know about the person and what are their preferences or likes or dislikes.

The gifts

The gifts are just beautiful. The key to impressing your loved one or your date goes through minimising. The moment you start to opt for the gifts which are bound to be extravagant and expensive the moment it will go down. You must opt for something elegant. Gifts like a bouquet or online cake delivery is preferred over the gifts like jewellery and gadgets. These gifts can be given once you go for a second or third.


Bragging about things is bound to kill the connection that you are having with them. You must opt to listen to them and keep the bragging to yourself. Don’t brag about things. It’s time to know them and observe them, not about telling them what you have got and what you are going to get. The snobbish attitude leads to no further dates. ensure that you are not bragging there are so many things that you can do but bragging is not the right thing.

Not listening to them

Listen to them and get to know what they like or don’t and accordingly you can plan for a gift for the next date as well. There are so many stories and experiences that a person has and these things are bound to make you learn about so many things. This is the time when you must do that. You may think about other things but let that be to get to know them better and surprise them accordingly. They are the lovely one and this is why you must listen to them and ask questions as well. Engage in a conversation and observe.

These are a few things that you must avoid and make your date feel special in this first date. The first date will always be the first one. Make it special for them as well as you.

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Devender Rawat

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