There are instances in our lives that we welcome changes. As the famous quote states “Change is the only constant thing”.Our house, in particular, also needs some make over. Or there are also situations when the furniture we have at home is old and devastated just for example our sofa. You know that sofa upholstery is very important for our own comfort and relaxation. That is why, we come to a point where we want to refurbish our sofa. However, renovating or changing our sofa is quiet challenging and requires a lot of work. It doesn’t drain you physically but also mentally. First, you need to think of what changes are you going to make. Secondly, what materials you want to use for your renovation or construction. And lastly, you need to check your budget whether you can afford to purchase those materials or it is much convenient to buy a new one. Apparently, it is tiring yet fulfilling at the end point.

That is why today, I am going to help you ease your burden, we are going to discuss what is more budget-friendly? Buying a new set of sofa or reupholster the old one? I will state the pros and cons of buying a new sofa and reupholstering the old one.



When you buy a new set of sofa, firstly, it will require you less amount of money. Secondly, it will be efficient and convenient for you. You do not need to gather up all the materials for your sofa and have it done by the expert. You just need to grab your wallet, hop on the car, go to the nearest department store, and there you have it—you can now purchase and get in an instant your desired sofa. Other option may also be online buying which is more convenient and your sofa will be delivered right in front of your doorstep.


The disadvantage of buying a new sofa is that your choice is limited. Meaning, you cannot personalize and customize your desired design of your sofa upholstery. Another thing is that you are not certain about the quality of the sofa you are going to purchase, especially if you are purchasing in the wrong store.



If you have ample amount of money, and you can afford to purchase high quality materials for your newly refurbished sofa upholster, then reupholstering your old sofa may be the best choice for you.  Some advantage of reupholstering is that you can choose the kind of material or sofa upholstery you desire. By this, you can take a close look on your budget because you are the one that is picking the materials and you can also check if the materials made are durable and safe. Another thing, you can personalize and customize your sofa upholstery. Last thing to consider in reupholstering your old sofa is that you can maintain the value and worth of your sofa if it is antique.


The negative side of reupholsteringan old sofa is that it requires more investment of money. No matter how you want to budget your finances, you may still end up not having extra money because you need to hire and call the expertise of someone who does sofa upholstery and you need to buy a new fabric for your sofa upholstery.

At the end of the day, it is your decision to be followed; whether you want to buy a new sofa or just reupholster the old one. You need to weigh the situation and remember that practicality is the key. Hence, take note to buy a high quality sofa upholstery because if you do not, then you will need to purchase a new sofa or have it done every other year, which is not very ideal and practical for all of us.

If you’d ask me where to buy a high caliber sofa upholstery, then I will recommend and suggest Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They are my one-stop shop when deciding to get a new fabric for my sofas.

That would be all for today, I’ll see you again in our next discussion!

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