Amazon Discount on Kids’ Timepiece in Vibrant Colors & Cartoon Characters

Do you remember your age when you first used a wrist watch to check time? Can you guess who gave the first watch? Do you remember the color of your first watch? Definitely, the first watch in kid’s life is a big deal as it gives sensation of grown-up enough to understand time-telling technique. In your childhood, you were given a wrist watch by your parents, uncle or aunt. Now, it is your time to give a gift to your young-ones and let them enjoy the happy moments. Make use of Amazon Discount Codeto find the best wrist watches for cute girls and smart boys.

In the presence of Smartphone, most of the people have neglected the wrist watches but it is your responsibility to let your young generation understand the significance of highly useful and versatile wrist watches. While buying a wrist watch for your kids, nephews, nieces or siblings, keep in mind their age group and kid-friendly features to choose the best items for them.

Right Age for Giving the Digital & Analog Watch

The right age for using the wrist watch and understanding the time technique starts around five years. At this age, kids can recognize numbers; however they cannot master the analog time technique at this age. The right age for an analog watch is seven or eight years. Before that age, just give them an attractive digital wrist watch to get familiar with the time setup. The difference between these two time systems is similar to that of manual and automatic cars. Analog watches are perfect to improve learning ability.

Kid-friendly Characteristics

  • Wrist watch is an accessory relevant to grown-up people. Kids are capable to make use of a watch and try to carry on their tasks on time. While giving a watch to your little one, try to find out kid-friendly watch that must have water-resistant property. While washing hands, kids can sprinkle a few drops of water on the dial and strap. Water-resistant watch will never stop working even if it gets wet.
  • Another important feature is adjustable strap appropriate for their wrists. Washable nylon material is considerable to handle expected messes.
  • Another feature is light-up and simple to read dial to improve the time-telling expertise. Side by side, the bright color and fun graphics are helpful in captivating the attention of kids.
  • A digital watch offers an alarm, chronograph, digital backlit display and day-date calendar. It becomes easy for kids to check the time in form of minutes and seconds as well as the day through a fascinating display.

Iconic Characters Watches

Character-inspired kids’ accessories are getting popular. Kids are impressed by imaginary characters and love to keep the print of these characters on their personal belongings. Cartoons belong to a powerful world where good wins over bad characters.

Iconic characters of kids’ world are now transferred to kids’ footwear, clothing, lunchbox, water bottle and other accessories including the wrist watch. Instead of choosing a simple wrist watch, make use of Amazon discount code to order the most amazing character-inspired watches on reasonable price.

Boys like Disney Cars, Disney Woofers, Peanut Collection, Marvel Boys, Spider Man, Paw Patrol, Pokémon, Mickey Mouse and Ninja Turtle as their favorite cartoon character and love to keep these icons on their accessories. Similarly, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess and Frozen Anna & Elsa character wrist watches are preferred by girls. Silicone, leather, plastic, stainless steel andrubber straps in single color, Disney graphic and tie dye are also available to entice kids.

Highly PopularWrist Watches

  • The Avengers Watch

The powerful Avengers characters have captivated the small as well as older kids as there are non-childish styles available. The analog style watch shows basic 3, 6, 9 and 12 numbers to make it easy for kids to tell the time. Rubber band, plastic case and plastic window has made it durable enough to use on regular basis.

  • Marvel Boys Watch

Touch screen Spiderman watch is really adorable as it shows full date with some amazing features like stopwatch, calculator, pedometer, voice recorder, selfie cam and games.

  • Disney Car Watch

It contains a fancy car image with a racing flag. It is favorite timepiece of kids below 10 years of age. The hands are inscribed with minutes and hours words to demonstrate which hand is for minute and which hand shows the hour. Water-resistant watch has nylon strap with Velcro style so kids can carry the wrist watches without any discomfort.

Right Style for Kids Fantastical styles are created in kids’ favorite colors. You can check a colorful dial or rotating graphics. Instead of choosing a gift watch, ask your kids to select and get assurance of their rightjudgment. Avail Amazon discount code and let your kids to fall in love with their first timepiece in perfect style and shape.

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