If you are a printing professional or a POD (Print On Demand) seller, then you may know that it is very important to update your design with the change in season. Every year, the design trends changes and printing professionals need to stay updated with the latest style. Here, we are going to discuss the latest t-shirts designs that are in trend in 2021.

1. Typography Trends

Nowadays, t-shirts with printed text are high in demand. The style of typography may have changed, but text-printed shirts are here to stay for long. Some typography trends that you can experiment with are as follow:

  • Repeated text

The repeated text creates bold print and helps you to highlight your main message. If you want to spread any message among people around you, you should use this type of design. For instance, if you want to motivate all to stay eco-friendly, then can print “Go Green” in repeated text style.

  • Small text

The small text is just opposite to the repeated text. The small text style is good for those who want to embrace simplicity. For people who are looking for minimalist design t-shirts, then this small text printed t-shirt idea is good for you.

  • Bold lettering

This style is the integration of the two above-mentioned styles. If you want to print text bold and simple at the same time, then bold lettering is a good typography style. For instance, printing large size text with different colors can lead to a bold and simple design. This bold lettering style will let you stay in the trend.

2. Bold Statement

This designing style may sound similar to the previous one. But, these two are completely different from each other. In this designing style, you can print the entire statement in bold letters. These kinds of t-shirt designs are used for a social cause, spreading important information, gaining the attention of people.

3. Inspirational T-Shirt Designs

These kinds of designs incorporate the message with graphics that can spread positivity. The designers have to do brainstorming and think creatively to create inspired designs for t-shirts. The t-shirts printed with inspirational designs are very cute and they instantly uplift your mood when you will see them. These kinds of t-shirts are high in demand in the market.

4. Design Pet T-Shirts

The Pet design on t-shirts looks so cute and adorable. These kinds of t-shirts are demanded by pet lovers. These t-shirts look so amazing that not just pet lovers, but all types of customers love to buy these kinds of t-shirts. People love their pets and they’ll want to share this with anyone who will listen.

5. Sports Design T-Shirt

For some people, sports is a passion, and some live for sports. The custom design t-shirts with sports names, graphic design, or popular team logo are high in demand. When it comes to sports design for t-shirt, then there are enormous options because there are so many sports and myriads of the team.

For instance, football lovers will be searching for a t-shirt with a football design or a t-shirt with the team’s logo. You can customize the t-shirt by either printing or embroidery. When it comes to creating a team’ logo on a t-shirt, then embroidery is a good technique.

The Dallas cowboys embroidered t-shirts are high in demand in the market. The Dallas Cowboys embroidery design is easily available online. You can simply select the right logo, download the preferred file and use it for embroidery purposes. 

6. Artsy T-Shirt Design

T-shirts printed with amazing pieces of artwork can create fun. The t-shirt designs with a unique piece of artwork look more appealing to the shoppers. To create artsy t-shirts, you can use various types of design such as abstract design, dreamy illustrations, and many more. If the design you are going to print on the t-shirt is unique, then it would be high in demand.

7. Retro T-Shirts

Graphic tees are always in demand in the market. The retro-style images on the t-shirts will surely be loved by all. These types of designs are comprised of strong color pallets to evoke the emotions of the 90s.

The 90s t-shirts are widely popular among young people. Now, various geometric shapes and pops of colors are coming back in the ear. You can also print the character of the 90s to create a retro look.

8. Inspiration

If someone is your inspiration, then wearing a t-shirt printed with the name or image of that inspirational person would create a unique look. These kinds of t-shirts would receive appreciation.

For instance, if you are inspired by the famous football player Messi, then a t-shirt printed with the image of this team player would be loved by all.

Similarly, if you are inspired by the Las Vegas raiders team, the t-shirt printed or embroidered with team name and raiders logo vector would be loved by the fans of this sports team.

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