The archipelago islands of India, Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the best travel destinations in India and arguably in the world. The picturesque beauty has a lot to offer to mankind to get a true bliss to be at the lap of tranquil nature. Andaman is India’s exotic getaway situated in the Bay of Bengal. It consists of more than 300 islands and is a home of many exotic flora and fauna. How to reach Andaman?

The idyllic Andaman island can be reached within a few hours by boarding a flight from Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi, Vizag and Hyderabad. The airport is located in Port Blair. Getting down from the flight will instantly give a vibe of reaching an exotic, serene and relaxing place. Get ready to disconnect from the outside hustle and bustle of the world and dive deep into the breathtaking beauty of Andaman Island.

Must visit place and things to do in Andaman.

Visit Asia’s best beach Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island which provides the best sunset viewpoint or spend a whole day in Elephant beach getting a spike in adrenaline rush with while day fun water sporting of snorkelling, kayaking, jet-skiing, scuba diving, sea walking and get up close to the marine ecosystem. Plan a trip to Andaman on your next holiday and don’t miss out to check Andaman holiday packages to get the best deals on your travel.

Best time to visit Andaman

The best time to get to the tropical land is from October to May when one can take the best advantage of the pleasant tropical weather. The other months are not recommended for heavy rainfall and high tide.

Andaman offers a lot to everyone

For the adventure souls there are many treks available, for the bird watcher ChidiyaTapu offers the exotic as well as migratory birds of a large variety to be seen, for the couple there are many secluded pristine beaches where quality time can be spend on each other’s company while getting the view of the dense rainforest and palm covered surrounding and the open crystal clear turquoise water in the front. Andaman will provide a bag full of unforgettable memories. Read here more -: 7 Countries to See on a Limited Budget

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