Here is a brief tour of the delegations given to the nine deputies which vary little with regard to the previous mandate of André Aligned who is now entering his eighth …

No one can say that there will have been big changes between the previous and the new municipal mandate on the side of the delegations. One thing is certain: none have been deleted. It is rather a consolidation which is to be noted with the appearance of economic development, energy and higher education headed by the same assistant.
Of the nine deputies, five were already. Dominique Roullet in the first place who remains the first of them. In addition to the safety and roadwork delegations that he already had, he was assigned those for integration and training. Two themes that he knows quite well, given his responsibilities within the local mission and the departmental integration council for the economic activity of Indre.
Diane Zammit retains her role in social affairs. The current director of the Reflets d’Argents nursing home remains in the continuity of her professional responsibilities.
Anne-Elisabeth Le Felic is responsible for the environment and Gérard Sadois is responsible for schools and school life, as in the previous mandate.
Eric Hervouet, who in the previous term was in charge of trade, crafts and digital development, will retain this last attribution to which is added sport. A delegation that suits this cycling enthusiast.
Finally, among the four new deputies, one was already a municipal councilor during the previous term, namely Daniel Guilt. He is now responsible for town planning, public procurement and legal affairs. A lawyer by profession, he remains in part in a field that he knows well.
The surprise rather came from the entrants side

Fanny Ries and Tony Ben Lahoucine, who constitute André Laignel’s close guard. They are respectively assigned economic development, energy and higher education for the first, cultural associations, ceremonies and citizenship for the second.
The entry of the economy tuition is certainly not a coincidence in the middle of a Berry landscape which is likely to tremble strongly in the coming months, even the next years.
Adelina Lapouge, new to the municipal council, is given a post of assistant with a delegation to trade, crafts and markets. Head of the Family Sphere agency in Issoudun, she stood out when she took over the presidency of Cap Issoudun from which she resigned mid-term.
Finally, two delegated advisers make their entrance. Carole Le Strat, deputy in the previous mandate, becomes delegated councilor with the same delegations, namely disability and accessibility.
Sophie Caze, former chief curator of the Saint-Roch museum and current director of the Public Establishment for Cultural Cooperation in Issoudun, finds herself with somewhat natural delegations, namely culture, heritage and audiovisual.

This is what it is all about: facts, nothing but facts. For a simple goal: that you, the readers, understand the above article. At the start, a presentation of the team of assistants by André Laignel, and their delegations within the new municipal council. A press point is organized by the city councilor who invites us there on Friday evening. It is agreed with his collaborator that we can make, in addition to the group photo he wants, individual photos and a meeting with the assistants so that they introduce themselves, explain their mission to us … In short, that we can do our job. Simply. But when we arrive in the meeting room, the first magistrate gets up and asks the audience to do the same in order to take the group photo outside. Click clack. The thing is heard in a few handfuls of seconds and all this little world disperses immediately. Our question in the face of non-compliance with the word given will find the only response from André Laignel:

“They don’t have only that to do. I do not see the interest! “
On the first part of the answer, we do not have much to answer except that one of his assistants confided to us a few minutes later: “I did not understand, a press point was planned. , but hey… ”The little dots will go no further than a long silence. On the second part of the answer, we are entitled and it is even a duty on our part to question ourselves on the idea that the elected representative of the Republic has of journalism and freedom of the press. Communication from the mayor is one thing, journalism is another. We have therefore chosen to present the team of assistants with the only elements we had previously.
Six years ago, on the occasion of this same presentation, we asked André Laignel to be able to meet each assistant at his home or in a place that is dear to him in order to make a portrait. A different way of presenting the team that would preside over the destinies of the city for six years. This idea had struck him as totally… incongruous. 

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