Tractors are heavy duty farming motor-equipment that has become a necessity for farmers these days. Farming acres of land, manually, is not an easy task and that is why farmers need a powerful tractor to help reap their harvest in the most efficient manner possible.

In this article, we have highlighted the 3 most highly-acclaimed tractor models that you can find in India. And we have discussed in detail, the specifications and the prices of the same.

The 3 Premier Tractor Models You Can Buy in India

In this section we shall talk about the varying prices and specifications of the different Tractor Models in India and what does each tractor cater to so that as a customer, you have all the information you need to make a decision that’s more knowledgeable:

  1. DIGITRAC PP 43i

This robust tractor is becoming increasingly popular for it is made specifically for Indian terrain and conforms to the traditional farming methods of India. The tractor comes with dual clutch and can clock 2000RPM (47 HP). The heavy lift capacity of this model is seriously incredible as it can lift up to 2000kg. Apart from this, the DIGITRAC PP 43i comes equipped with a balanced power steering, 8F + 2R Constant Mesh, 540 + MRPTO, Live ADDC, Helical Bull Pinion Reduction feature and QRC along with Double Acting Spool Valve. For the power and top-of-the-line features that this model is packing, the price of DIGITRAC PP 43i is approximately 5.85 Lakh.


This machine is built to perform and withstand. Farming can be rough and wear and tear of machinery is somewhat guaranteed. That is why, DIGITRAC PP 46i is highly sought-after among farmers because no other tractor reacts to Indian terrain as well as this one does. With 50 HP, this beast of a tractor can clock up to 1850 RPM. This model also comes with Dual Clutch and 8F + 2R constant mesh. The DIGITRAC PP 46i can lift up to 1800 kg. Other than that, this model also comes with balanced power steering and QRC along with Double Acting Spool Valve. However, the DIGITRAC PP 46i also features EPI reduction which not a lot of tractors have to offer. The model is priced modestly, ranging between Rs. 6.45 – 6.65 Lakh.

  • DIGITRAC PP 451i

Perhaps one of the most powerful and loaded tractors in the market currently, the DIGITRAC PP 45i comes with a whopping 60HP and clocks an equally impressive 2200 RPM (which is really impressive for a tractor). Apart from this, much like the other models, this one features 8F + 2R Constant Mesh Transmission, Double Clutch, EPI Reduction, Balanced Power Steering, 540 + MRPTO and QRC along with Double Acting Spool Valve and Live ADDC. The machine is capable of lifting weight up to 1800 kg. The price for this model ranges anywhere between Rs. 6.95 – 6.96 Lakh.

Why You Should Buy these?

These three variants are easily three of the most complete and well-equipped tractors that you can find that give you your money’s worth. All three of these come in three colour variants: DIGIBLUE, DIGIBLACK and DIGISILVER. Apart from this, the tractors come with a really helpful feature that is way ahead of its time – CARE 24X7, that connects you with the company in a single touch. All of the models come with 5 years of no-questions-asked warranty. If you want the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality, look no further – the three tractor models we have mentioned above give you all that you need and more.

These are 3 of the best tractors in India that you can purchase today. DIGITRAC specifically made them, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of Indian farmers and Indian terrain. The tractors are built to last and perform at efficiency levels that others can only dream of matching up to. So if you want value for money Tractor Models in India, then visit DIGITRAC’s online website.

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