Ants are the social insects which arenormally close relatives of wasp and bees. These ants live in colonies and each colony of ants can containup to half a million ants. There are normally different types of ants that can be found in your home or premises. These are black ants, carpenter ants, green ants, fire ants, etc. These large numbers of ants can easily enteryour home or premises through small and tiny holes and can cause great damages. Most of the ants don’t harm but some types of ants can bite or harm humans and pets. These ants can cause various allergic reactions, diseases, damage thefood,destroy furniture, etc.If you find a large number of ants or a few ants on food or in your home or office premises then it is a sign of ant’s infestation.These large numbers of ants suddenly appear from small holes and cause damages to your home

Most people have many questions or queries as

  • Why do ants suddenly appear
  • How do you find out where ants are coming from in your house?
  • What month do ants go away?
  • How do I can get rid of black ants in my house, etc

So here we Melbourne Pest Control provide you with the best answer to these questions. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions and answers to these questions and will also provide you with easy and best DIY ways to get rid of ants.

Why do ants suddenly appear?

Ants are the pest which cansuddenly appear in your home, kitchen, yard and other areas of your home or premises. If a person suddenly faces anant’s infestation or saw large numbers of ants in their home or office premises then it can be due to various reasons. The person is likely doing a thing that attracts theseants for food search. These can be like

  • Leaving food out in open
  • Not cleaning the messy pantry
  • Not storing food in  sealed containers or cupboards
  • Leaving the dirty dishes in the kitchen overnight
  • Not cleaning the spills especially sugar-based straight away
  • Not cleaning the overfeed food of pets
  • Leaving the dishes full of water sitting around overnight

How do you find out where ants are coming from your house?

The main source for which or in search of which ants enter your home is food. They enter through the small tiny holes or corners of your home or office premises in search of sources of food. Ants are mostly attracted by food. These ants can easily enter your home or office through small holes or surfaces like these ants can enter from doors, windows, small holes, through theceiling, from the yard, garden, etc.  These ants can eat all type of foods these are opportunistic eater but are mostly attracted by sweet related food like

  • Juice
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Meat
  • Syrup
  • Bread crumbs
  • Fruits
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • Fruit juice, etc.

Once these ants find these food sources in your home or premises then they will start growing larger in numbers and can cause a high ant infestation problem in your home or office premises. One can easily find out from where these ants are entering your home by following or observing their returning path.

What month do ants go away?

Various studies have shown that there is a direct link between the weather and some pest infestation. Ants are mostly found in the summer or spring seasons. The chances of having antsinfestation are more in the month where there isheavy rainfall or dry, hot conditions that mean in summer, spring, and rainy season.

Thus, the ants hide in the winter seasons. Or we can say that it is a winter season in which Ants go away or decrease in numbers  

How do I can get rid of black ants in my house?

Here are some of the effective ways through which one can easily get rid of all types of ants including the black ants

  • Using ant killer spray: one can purchase an effective ant killer spray to kill these ants and make your home or premises ant-free.One can also try homemade ant killer spray to get rid of these ants.  Simply take 1 cup vinegar and 4-8 drops of lemon juice and make a mixture of them. Now, put this solution into the spray bottle and spray it in the different areas or corners of the home or office premises or directly on the ants.
  • Using poisonous ants bait: Poisonous bait is normally the mixture of sweet related food and some toxicants and other ant food type material. This poisonous ant’s killer bait attracts the ants and is the easiest and best method of killing the ants. These are placed at different places and corners or in cloths to kill these
  • Using essential oil for killing Ants: There are various essential oils, which work as a replicate and are also used to kill ants and other insects.In place of various chemical pesticides, one can use essential oils to kill and remove ants and other insects. There are various types of essential oils, which can be used to kill these ants likeCinnamon oil, Lavender oil, neem oil, Tea tree oil, etc. Ants hate the smell of this oil. Simply take 6-8 drops of any of these oils and mix them with some water and simply spray this solution in the different areas of the house where you find these ants.
  • Using ant killer trap: ants trap can also be used to kill the ants. One can easily buy these ant killer traps from the market which easily attract and kill most of the ants. The ant trap has a sticky surface where the ant gets stuck in and then dies.

Thus, these were all the various facts and ways through which one can easily know about ants and can use various ways to kill and remove these ants. But in case, even after using these home ways, if one is unable to get rid of these ants, or if one doesn’t have much time to use these methods then don’t worry as they can easily facilitate the services of professional experts.The experts like us Melbourne Pest Control use various effective tools andmethods to kill and remove these ants and other insects from your home. We provide the best Ants Pest Control Melbourne Services. Our experts provide various ant pest control services by using various non-chemical treatments according to the customer’s needs. Our trained professional expertsalso ensure no damage to the people and the pets. Our professionally trained experts havemore knowledge as to how to handle these ants and remove them completely. Melbourne Pest Control’s experts provide 100% guaranteed ants control and ants removal services with 24×7 hours of assistance.

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