If you are planning to add a tree to your yard, it will help with the shade, improves the value of the property, and is a gift to nature. If you take a goal of covering 25% of the area of your house with the trees, it will reduce the temperature 4-5 degrees.

Along with this, trees are great to reduce air pollution, save the property during a storm, and also give a low energy cost bill. But it is strange to see that despite carrying so much value, people overlook the importance of planting a tree in their desert landscape.

This is an investment people fear getting involved in since there is a lot of maintenance you need to put in. This is because they spot a tree in their neighborhood that is thin, hacked, out of shape, and looks vulnerable.

One of the secrets to keeping the trees in good shape is through the maintenance from tree trimming services Sydneyand proper pruning. We will be talking about the top 10 tips you need to follow for your drought-tolerant tree’s health and beauty for years to come.

1. Do not start pruning on a young tree to expect a mature tree. You can provide shape to the young tree for about four years. Start with the pruning methods gradually and with time you can shape them up into the desired one you are looking for. While you are looking to maintain them, remove all the weak branches that you see are dangling in random directions or the ones rubbing together in a cross.

2. The lower branches you see on the young tree can be temporarily left there. Those little branches will be a good source of food to the lower sections of the tree through photosynthesis. These branches are what provide tree heft to the lower side that tapers towards the top.

3. Pruning of the tree should only be done when it is required. Meanwhile, also look for dead or diseased branches that are required to be cut away and branches that are rubbing together in the cross-section. This is referred to in the tree world as “crown cleaning” or thinning. This thing is also needed when some overgrown branches start rubbing around the sides of the house.

4. If you see that an old tree in your yard has poor health or it’s deteriorating over time, reducing the prune would help here. If you want to trim, do it for the dead branches only. The healing process after pruning requires a lot of energy for the tree and since it is old, this will be a big call for that tree. You can sustain an old tree using fertilizer and water itself.

5. We understand that you’ll be willing to prune a tree just because you have got a new saw but hold your horses. Recreational pruning is discouraged in all cases. You need to have a purpose to trim a tree, it could be because of safety measures, health, or simply beauty.

6. Don’t narrow down the thickness of your tree by chopping up all the green parts in the middle where only the foliage would be left at the end of branches. If you do so, then during high wind these branches would bend from their weak spots and will instantly snap off.

7. If your tree is a hindrance between you and the landscape behind the tree, then don’t chop the tree to view the mountains, river, or city skyline. You can trim down a bit to get a clear picture of the view and in the tree’s world, this is called vista prune. Here you start with reduction cuts where all the thicker branches are removed followed by the lower branch that is 1/3rd the size of the initial ones.

8. If you see that a branch or multiple branches are hanging over the driveway then do not make the mistake of cutting the branch from the edge of the driveway. You need to find the joint of that branch to the tree and then make a cut. With each cut, you need to ensure that it is done at the intersection where two branches are joined.

9. When you are removing the foliage, do not go for more than 25 percent removal in the same year. Some of the people make the mistake of removing almost half a tree’s growth in a single trimming session to steer clear of extra efforts later on. It is not necessary to do so and although the tree might push back its growth that will be unhealthy and week one.

10. Always plant the right tree at the right place. Always gain enough knowledge of what you will be planting. For instance, Willow Acacia goes as much as 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide, so this won’t do good in your 10×10 space of planting in the backyard.

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