Ants are crawling insects that we can find anywhere in the world, except Antarctica for obvious reasons. These pests adapt and coexist with humans in almost all habitats. It could be said that it is the only species in the world that competes in numbers against humans. For this reason, at  Major pest control, we have professionals with years of experience in Ant Pest Control in Sydney, Australia, and for this reason, we think it is interesting for you to know more about ant’s behaviour and some other facts.

1. Ants live in colonies

Many of you already know that ants live in colonies, but did you know that there are colonies where there are only a few dozen and others where there are millions?

The smallest ant colonies are found in places like natural openings cracks in houses, or any gaps where there may be enough room for a few dozen. However, large colonies create their own nests, and hills that allow them to store all kinds of supplies. In places like Melbourne, you can find colonies with a large number of individuals.

2. Each ant has an assigned role

Ants are characterized by being a very social species of insect. Each of them is born with an assigned profession. The queen or queens will be solely and exclusively responsible for laying eggs while the other females are the famous workers. These worker ants are in charge of bringing supplies to the colony, taking out the “garbage”, feeding the larvae, and defending the colony. And the male ants have the sole function of mating with the queens.

3. Ants can live for many years

Many species of ants can live up to 15 years like the Lasius Niger species. Therefore, such high life expectancy is one of the factors that allow them to become a very unpleasant pest.

4. Ants don’t have ears

Ants, like other animals such as reptiles or birds, do not have ears. However, they have developed a vibration system through the earth. This system is based on the interpretation of the vibrations that come through sensors on the legs of these insects. In addition to this system, they also use their antennae and body hair to feel everything around them. In addition, they use substances that they give off in their usual routes. Hence, Dexastur in case of infestation advises you to clean well those areas where they usually pass or find themselves.

5. A species of ant only has females in its colony

This is possible because the queen is asexual. The species named M. Smithii is found in Central and South America.

6. Ants can lift a lot of weight

How much is a lot of weight? Ants can lift up to the equivalent of 50 times their own weight. It is the equivalent of us weighing 60 kg we could lift 3000 kg. An atrocity. This is because ants have thicker muscles than other animals.

7. Ants can turn into zombies

You will wonder how it is possible for ants to transform into zombies. This is because there is a fungus that is capable of infecting them and taking control of their body.

8. Some species of ants do not have a colony or home.

This is because some species travel and attack throughout the day. Then at night, they build temporary nests, hence they are commonly called nomadic ants.

The only time of year when they camp is when the queen is about to lay her eggs. All this is very interesting, but at Major Pest Control, we want to remind you of the importance of controlling and managing any presence of ants. We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Ant Pest Control Sydney, at your home, in your offices, industrial buildings, hotels, etc.

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