I have gone through almost 100 beauty and grooming blogs over the internet and found that the most debatable topic nowadays is the best possible haircuts for women with curly hair. More than thousands of request I got through mail as a blogger from visitors to know about this exciting topic. I’ve decided to write about curly hair styling, and here I am with this informative blog. Today I will discuss some of the tips and tricks, so you come to know the pragmatic solution of curly hair.

Before starting further, I want to let you know I am not a hairstylist, but due to having curly hair, I will share my personal opinion after knocking on many hairstylist doors. I personally know more than 15 hairstylists, and I have great respect for them. That is why I know some of the best possible hair techniques that help me come up with this topic.

Some of the best tips for curly hair

Avoid curly specialist 

These days’ women do visits regularly to the specialists who basically deal with curly hair to get through this issue. Generally, these specialists follow the old class rituals and techniques to help you out, which usually not work as it is outdated now. So I suggest that instead of reaching the hair specialist, getting advice from hairstylist and hairdressers is more valuable than hair specialists.

Wet v/s Dry Cut

There is a trend followed by the hairstylist in the modern era to have a wet hair cut instead of Dry hair cut. But in the case of curly hair, they follow the reverse by doing the dry hair cut. It is also the topic of debate wet v/s dry, which I will surely take in the upcoming blog. There are both pros and cons of dry cut in the case of curly hair.  In my personal opinion, I found wet cut more effective and delivers versatility. On the other hand, dry cut helps you find the curl and cut through.

Deva cuts Theory

A Deva cut is a curly hair styling started a few years back in the city that never sleeps “New York”. It is purely associated with the hair salon chain “Deva Cut”. We generally follow the wet hair cut technique in this hair cut and go through curl by curl after proper examining.

In this hair cut, the hair cut performer cut the through hair curl by curl and makes them too short and wait until the curls shrinks once dry.

Ouidad School of hairstyling

We know this hairstyle as “wee-dad” and even have its own theory. In this hairstyling, the stylist uses the wet technique and cut down the hair in slices into curls to shape your hair. After that stylist observes the hair cut and cut through again until it’s properly dry.

Avoid the thinning Scissors

Whenever you see these thinning scissors around, you say “No” to that place. The reason why I am saying this I will explain further. I will not suggest these scissors cut curls because it has one blade like the regular scissor and the other blade with comb shape.  After cutting curls with such scissors, make your hair thin and stringy. Instead of that, using the best shavers for women will be a good option, such as a skull shaver brand known as the best electric shavers in India.  


These were some of the tips and trick for curly hair for women. I hope you enjoy this article, and I end up with the promise that I will come back with a new article that will help you groom your personality. 

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