During the early stages of your business, you can struggle to create a strong and appealing message about what you are selling and thereby face difficulty getting customers, attracting employees, and raising money. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs fail to create a simple yet appealing message to describe their business.

Believe it or not, you may not find your customers even if you have a great idea. Having a top-notch product or service is not enough to ensure that you will go places. People will likely try your products and services when you promote them to that level.

However, plain marketing and creating a great message are two different things. This blog will help you how you can create one, but before that, you must know its importance. You cannot connect with your customers if you do not create a compelling message.

Nobody will bother to read it. The market takes no time to form an opinion about you, so you will have to tell people what your product can do.

Think of a positioning statement

A positioning statement is a type of statement that tells what your given product, service or brand fulfils the needs of your specific audience that your competitors cannot. When someone asks about your business, you would like to emphasise what you do, but your pitch should not be static all the time.

You should immediately modify it as per your latest feature and benefit. This way, you will be able to connect with the community you are targeting directly. Write it down, so everybody knows what you are doing.

This statement will only change when the aspect of your business significantly changes. However, writing this statement is very hard because you have many things to say and are forced to cut it into one sentence.

A rule of thumb says that you should take your team’s opinion too because you can develop various positioning statements and then choose the best one that describes your business well.

You cannot get to the statement in a day. It will take several days. Think over and over, so you know you have picked the right word to describe what you are offering. Make sure that you use simple language in it. It must be more direct, so do not use jargon.

Keep it simple

While making a positioning statement, you need to ensure that you will keep it simple. A simple statement will clearly tell your users what you are offering. Simplicity has power. If you make a statement that involves complex phrases, people will not be able to understand it.

They may interpret different meanings, and then you will naturally suffer from various problems. If you choose simple words, people will be able to understand them clearly, and they will remember them.

Another reason why it is emphasised on maintaining simplicity is you cannot remember everything when you are overloaded with information. If your message is complex, of course, people cannot remember it.

They will struggle to articulate it smoothly. Simplicity assures that people will remember it. As a start-up, it can be difficult, but it does not need to be far complicated. Try to pick words that clearly suit your offerings.

Even a simple way of saying what you do can leave a very strong impression on your audience. This is a great way to bring your audience closer to you. Here is how you can create one simple thing:

  • First off, you will have to collect data that tells you who you are as a company. You will have to analyse five Cs – competition, customer, culture, context, and capabilities.
  • Once you have this information, the next step is to think about the rational idea and emotional response of someone if they would like to associate with your company.
  • Once you have found the answers to these questions, you need to think about words and phrases that define the essence of these fundamental questions. Ask your team to participate in it because the more words you choose, the more quickly you can come up with the best statement.  After having a list of words, rank them based on these attributes:
  • Is it true? Does it actually define the culture of your organisation? Does it reflect in your product or service?
  • Is it relevant? Does this term define your target audience? Will they be able to connect with it? The term you pick for your great messaging should be important to your customers.
  • Is it compelling? Will your target audience be able to take action? Will it change what your target audience feels and thinks about your brand? If it does not change anything, it is not compelling at all.
  • Is it distinctive? It must be different from your competitors.

The bottom line

To make your business successful, you do not have to focus on your products and services, but you also need to focus on the way to spread the message. Your message should simple and clear, and it must define your business and, at the same time, engage your customers.

With the help of great messaging, you can tell your audience how you are different from competitors. Brainstorm a positioning statement and try to keep it simple. Most of the entrepreneurs fund their start-ups with small business loans.Hence, it becomes more important to craft the right message and spread it in the right way. To get rid of debt, it is essential to growing your business.

Description: Great messaging can ensure the success of your start-up undoubtedly, provided you can clearly tell your audience what you are offering.

Written by

Devender Rawat

Devender Rawat is a leading SEO Experts and Online Marketing Professional who has been a part of the SEO industry since March 2016 and has been ever since contributing to the achievement of companies worldwide. Please feel free to contact me at devurawat123@gmail.com.