Choosing the right university to pursue your MBBS in China can have a significant impact on your future career path. Studying at a Chinese university like Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) will help you realize your dream of becoming a doctor while also providing you with a life-changing foreign experience XZMU (Xuzhou Medical University). You will earn a foreign medical degree that allows you to practice medicine in India and other countries around the world. The Medical Council of India acknowledges Xuzhou Medical University’s MBBS degree.

About Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU)

Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) is a higher education institution in China’s Jiangsu Province that is governed by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. The university is the hub of medical education, facilities, and science in Jiangsu, which is also a major medical university in China and is located in a city rich in history and culture. Undergraduate Medical Science programs are available at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU), as well as doctoral programs in Clinical Medicine and Biology.

The school is enormous, with three campuses totalling 73 hectares. It has 18 divisions and is affiliated with 16 regional hospitals. It employs over 1,300 people and has more than 14,000 students, including foreign students from all over the world. The university has a strong research station for postdoctoral studies and offers seven master’s degrees in Clinical Medicine, Biology, Pre-Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology, Medical Technology, and other fields. Nursing, Public Health, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, and Pharmacology are among the five specialist Master’s programs offered.

Studying at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) in China

The university has trained over 300 foreign students from 26 countries since launching an MBBS program in 2005. Prior to starting their medical degree, international students must complete a 6 months preparatory course. The MBBS program lasts six years and requires a year of internship. Clinical Medicine and Basic Medicine are the two main fields covered during the MBBS program. Traditional Chinese medicine will also be taught to students, as well as Chinese language, history, and culture.

Admissions to Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) in China

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 are eligible to apply. They must complete their PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) or 12th grade program and have above-average grades. Students must demonstrate their English language proficiency by submitting an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate or other recognized English language competency exams.

Students may apply between the months of January and July. They can apply online by uploading a photo, passport copy details, and transcripts. Students who are chosen will receive an online bid and will be required to pay a 50% deposit as an admission deposit. Following that, the university will give the applicants a visa application form as well as an original letter of acceptance, which they will use to apply for a study visa in China.

Cost of Doing an MBBS Degree at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU)

The annual tuition fee for completing an MBBS degree at XZMU (Xuzhou Medical University) is Rs. 33 lakh and the program lasts six years. Other costs include a registration fee of Rs. 4000 and a yearly hostel fee of Rs. 47,400 for shared rooms. The university assists students with a variety of other costs and procedures, such as obtaining insurance, obtaining residency licenses, and undergoing physical examinations.


The university provides a variety of state and provincial government-funded scholarships to students. The Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship for foreign students is one of the scholarships available to allow them to study in Jiangsu Province. There are also enterprise scholarships available to assist students by offering financial assistance and fostering Chinese foreign cooperation. The Principal Foundation of Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU), University Scholarship, and School of International Education Scholarship are among the other scholarships available.

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