In these days of confinement, it becomes more important than ever to communicate our ideas clearly. Video tutorials are essential for this situation. And when we talk about creating video tutorials, we need to know the software to record the screen and the audio of the computer.

Many solutions on the market will help us to do the job. But we are going to analyze those tools that meet the following four conditions:

  • It is free.
  • It does not leave a watermark.
  • It does not have a recording time limitation.
  • It allows exporting to the mp4 format that is now the most universal and standard.

And as a bonus, you will also have a list of premium tools to create video tutorials. Here is the list of 6 free tools to record your computer screen.

Record your computer screen with free tools

Active Presenter

We come to the first screen recorder. Although being honest, I think it would not even be fair to include it in this category. The active presenter is much more than a tool for recording computer screens. We could qualify it as a true suite to create e-learning projects. Among its many capabilities, we can create demos, program simulations, import powerpoints and of course, record the computer screen.It has different templates or slides in the style of Powerpoint to create the presentations, several export options. Be careful, only non-commercial use. And also, of course, a complete editor where you can add a multitude of effects to both the demo video and the slide itself. And all for free! Active Presenter can be used with all its options in an unlimited way as long as there is no economic benefit. For example, if I make a video tutorial and make it freely accessible, there would be no problem. But if someone pays me for it, I am no longer authorized to use it.


This screen grabber also has an option to record the screen. It’s certainly not going to be as comprehensive as the dedicated solutions we’ve explained before, but it does the job. As a remarkable feature, we can say that with ShareX, we can record in GIF format.

OBS Studio

As a culmination, the everlasting OBS Studio. The main use is to stream video using different content sources. One of those sources is our computer screen. And since a recorder is also included, it is perfectly feasible to record the screen without further ado. We will not have other features such as highlighting the mouse pointer or showing the pressed keys, but it can still be an acceptable solution. And if we have editing skills, the results can be much more spectacular.

FlexClip Free Screen Recorder

FlexClip Free Screen Recorder is another good choice for making video tutorials. It is the one that has been incorporating the most innovations. With the built-in screen recorder, we can be sure that we will not miss anything. This tool has two basic components: the screen recorder and the video editor where effects are added, the webcam is relocated, etc. Besides, you can edit your recorded clips with the help of the tutorial video templates provided by the editor. And everyone can enjoy it for free.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

It is surely the best tool to record the computer screen that we have tried. This is demonstrated by its profuse collection of settings for the quality of the video to be recorded.

However, all the good that your screen recorder has you lose in your editor. It is rough and seems like it goes a bit in fits and starts, so keep that in mind before buying it. It can be used for free for captures of less than 3 minutes.


Articulate360 falls squarely in the same category as Active Presenter. It consists of a program to record the screen and results in a complete suite for creating courses and video tutorials.

The dimension of Articulate360 is very wide since it allows collaborative projects between several members.From the website, we will have a checklist that will serve as tutorials, including the download of a launcher. From this launcher, we can launch the apps of this suite, including its screen recorder: Peek 360 and the screencast recorder: Replay 360. The design of the apps is very minimalist and the truth is that it seems sparse in options compared to active present, but it is at the same time very attractive visually and very functional.I have to say it’s perfect for those who are new in the world of video tutorials.

To sum up

I hope that this selection and analysis of software to record your computer screen has been useful to you. If so, leave a comment and share your opinions.

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