Are you a developer who has more freedom to run your favorite apps and device configurations? Are you an e-commerce business owner who needs more performance to manage all of the recent website traffic? Are you a budget-conscious blogger looking to improve your web hosting without investing in a Dedicated Server? A Virtual Private Server or VPSis the correct choice if either of these hypothetical situations applies to you.

VPS web hosting is an ideal option for web developers, webmasters, resellers, and others that manage resource-intensive websites. It works and functions much as an individual physical system, only it’s partitioned into several “virtual” servers, giving you protection and stability for your websites, as well as separation from your neighbors and complete control of your hosting environment.

How do other hosting options stack up?

Essentially, hosting providers should be compared based on how the servers are configured and who has access to them. VPS Hosting can be thought of as a hybrid solution that combines the benefits of shared hosting with those of dedicated server hosting.

Shared Hosting is a form of hosting that gives you and other customers access to a single physical server. In essence, you’re sharing the same server’s main resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disc space. Since you only have restricted administrative access, Shared Hosting is also constrained in terms of customization.

Dedicated Server Networking, on the other hand, is at the other end of the hosting scale. One customer gets a whole cloud to themselves here (ahem, no sharing insight). While there is more self-management and control, it often comes at a higher price. Another disadvantage to dedicated servers is that they can only be used with a single operating system (OS).

So, here are six reasons why VPS Hosting could be the right fit for you.

  • It is extensible
  • It provides you control (If You Want It)
  • It’s got reliable uptime
  • It is very secure
  • It won’t break the bank
  • It suits many scenarios, such as:
    • If you have a high-traffic website – A VPS is designed to handle traffic spikes, such as e-commerce websites that advertise seasonal sales.
    • Whether you’re going to use a sandbox – A sandbox is a simulated environment that many businesses use to develop, test, and install the software before it is used in production. If you have to find bugs? Is it possible to fix them? Patches for testing? Then a virtual private server (VPS) is your best bet for testing and/or simulating whatever is needed. You can quickly return to default until you’re finished. Dedicated Server Hosting, on the other hand, necessitates contact with Customer Support to reset, which may take multiple days.
    • If you want to make your own software – This one is for you whether you’re a programmer or a web developer. A virtual private server (VPS) allows you to explore and try out various scenarios/staging environments and see what fits best.
    • If you like to keep your backups apart – A VPS is very common for saving offsite backups because it has a specific amount of storage space and file limitations.
    • If you stream online – If you periodically vlog, create online workshops, host multimedia conferences, or broadcast material, a VPS is a good choice.
    • If you’re a reseller host or domain reseller – A VPS gives you more flexibility than mutual reseller hosting, allowing you to configure control panels and services to attract more buyers and increase revenue.
    • Whether you’re in charge of email or web servers – A virtual private server (VPS) allows email server users complete control of outgoing addresses, as well as the ability to set up sophisticated filters. Many in charge of database servers use a VPS for increased security and better resource utilization.
    • If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) – A VPS will help you monitor all incoming traffic and set up safe access for your business network.

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