Dubai is the ultimate stopover for an adventure freak. Soak up under the sunshine of Jumeirah beach or bargain in the traditional souks at Deira. This magnificient Emirati outlook keeps hundreds of opportunities for travel enthusiasts. For this, there are many best tour operators such as Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They make you smile at every mile throughout the journey.

One such amazing landscape of the UAE is desert safari Dubai. The conservation reserve of UAE lies in the southern region of the city. It keeps breathless scenic ambiance that captivates every visitor. If you are in Dubai and want to discover its exceptional beauty, its golden barren is a must-visit place. Many itineraries offer a private package to visit desert safari with VIP treatment. Opting for those adds up more glee to your once in a lifetime experience.

Let’s explore how a privatr desert safari is different of other itineraries.

Top-notch Amenities of Private Desert Safari in Dubai

1.   A Luxurious Carriage

Get a stramlined exotic ride to the comservation reserve in a luxurious vehicle. Usually a land cruiser picks you up in a private land cruiser. The offroad vehicle is driven by an expert licensed driver who takes you safely to the terrain. A typical VIP desert safari in Dubai to the dunes costs as low as 2000 dirhams & varies depending upon the time and facilities you avail of. So begin your luxurious tour with a facile ride in a 4×4 straight to the breathtaking views of the golden dunes.

2.   Cross the Dunes with Thrill

Experience the thrill like never before whill crossing high red dunes of Dubai! You can’t take pleasure in 30 to 40 minutes of dune bashing in any other itinerary but in a private desert safari. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy the breath-taking views of the reddening Arabian desert. Pick the 4WD of your choice and go insane over the bumpy sand dunes.

You’ll see various SUVs drifting in the golden arena of the desert. These include a hummer, a wrangler, a land cruiser, or dune buggy. These terrain vehicles remined the vintage models of the imperial vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with safety kits and driven by skolled professionals. So fasten your seat belts to enjoy an extended roller coaster ride across the high red dunes of Arabia.

3.   Quad Biking

Apart from a toopsy turvy ride in a hummer, you can also grab a quad bike and trigger a dare devil in you. Quad biking can also be enjoyed for an extended time period like dune bashing. You may be requested for extra payments for quad biking if this terrain sport is not a part of your itinerary.

Fat biking is another enthralling dune activity in which you first need to take little training from the expert. Fat bike is a two wheeler that runs insanely in the sports arena of desert safari.

4. Other Terrain Activities

Practice your balance on the slopes of the dunes via a sandboard! Sand skiing is a popular terrain activity in which the surfer crosses the powdry sand ripples by balancing on a wooden board.

Camel riding is a heritage mode of traveling as it is running since when Arabia was undeveloped. This traditional ride takes you back in time when nomads only had some  natural resources for their survival such as camels. Explore the wide spread sand sea from over the camel’s back ad travel back in time.

5.   Traditional Themed VIP Camps

The utmost luxurious hospitality of a VIP desert safari is seen in the traditional themed camps. These camps are inspires by the old Bedouin lifestyle and embellished with modern luxuries. After all the crazy downturns from the high sand slopes, take some rest in the lavish ambiance of these private camps.

 Listen to the folklore of Arabs and get inspired from their beautifully preserved tradition. The folklore are narrated by the Bedouins in the Arabian Majalis where you are served with flavorsome shisha and hookah. Smolder it and enjoy the vibe of a comventional lifestyle.

6.   Lavish Savory

The tempting savory is served straight to to your table by welcoming hosts of the desert. There are various mouth-watering cuisines that are served in middle-eastern style. These include veg and non-veg food comprising main courses, siders, and appetzers. Get recharged by consumption of freely available soft-drinks. The classic Arabian coffee is served along with dates.

This iconic combination of tastes stands perfect with your old school vibes. Moreover, tea and mocktails are also available at the campsite to lighten your mood.

Whether you swallow up the succulent bites of charcoal roasted BBQ or colorful veggies, eatery in a desert safari is a taste to remember.

7.   Cheer with the Crowd

The live entertainment stage simmers down the exhaustion of all day. Enjoy the unique art despiction that you’ll witness nowhere else but on this majestic land of Dubai. Scream over the crazy fireshow when the stuntmen amaze everyone by their dauntless moves. The popular Tanura dance of Arabs creates a veil around the beholders.

Belly dance, zumba, and stickman show are other dance forms performed at the floor of desert safari. So there’s a chromatic gala for the guests to cherish there holiday on this deserted land.

8.   Get Inspired by the Arabian Culture

The beautifully preserved Arabian culture still inpires people around the globe. You would be one of those who collect lots of stories to tell about this heritage land. Get beautiful prints of hena on your hands and feet. The campsites are brimmed with such artistic expressions specially dor women and kids.

The Arabian folk dresses such as Kandura, are also available there to carry them and pose in your own style.

Take clicks with the flawless background of golden dunes with the national bird of Arabia. These cultural activities give a blissful insight into the vivid cultures of the UAE.


Opting for a VIP tour to the golden dunes of Dubai will take you to the seventh sky of glee. Specially when you are accompanied with your loved ones. Grab a private itinerary that suita you best & unleash the hidden gems of Emirates in the middle of nowhere!

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