Are you looking for easy DIY woodworking projects? Well, you are in luck because here are 20 great projects with complete tutorials that you can start making right now. They are fun, easy, and each one is laid out for you step by step.

This is a collection of my best and most visited woodworking projects. Each one is presented in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner, and they are designed to expand your woodworking abilities into many different areas.

As a beginner, it’s important to do many different kinds of projects and expand your knowledge of the craft. The way you do that is by looking for woodworking projects and tutorials just like these and following them.

These projects will have you using different tools, mastering new techniques, and learning things you can apply in many other areas of your shop. They are presented in no particular order, and they have all been featured on this site before.

Enjoy these 20 DIY woodworking projects, and happy building.

Handmade Lacing Toy Tutorial

Lacing toys are coming back into fashion, and that’s a good thing. This Handmade Lacing Toy Tutorial will show you just how to make one. Long ago, these heirloom toys were common in every household with young kids. Now, they are back and newer looking than ever.

In this lacing toy tutorial, the main body of the toy is shaped like a wooden button, and the string is made from 550 paracord. The needle is a wooden dowel, and the young kids can play as they pass the needle through the holes in the button.

My son loves this toy, and it was a top-performing Christmas gift one year. I was up against some pretty nice store-bought toys, and I still came out with one of his favorites. That is definitely a proud moment for a dad.

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