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How romantic the days of college indeed! College days present a plate full of romance, friendship and only the essence of the study. Merely a student thinks of investment during such days. What if we say starting the plan for investment from the very beginning of college days will pay the benefit later on?

Generally, a student checks out the balance of his bank account either to pay for a bottle of beer or buy a gift for his girlfriend. The headache of arranging an emergency fund is quite out of the box scene for a college student. However, if you have taken a student loan that you must pay back after some years, there is a serious reason to start planning an early investment plan. 

During planning for investment, one should be very clear about these questions. Such as: 

  • Should I apply for cash loans like the provident fund to carry on the repayment?
  • Should I start repayment early?
  • How can I repay my loan faster?
  • Will it help to pay back loans early?

After considering these questions now, it is time to find a suitable answer. Due to huge expense, while studying in college, students often fail to save money for the purpose of repayment. Besides, even after not expensing a huge amount on unnecessary spending, a student can also fail to repay the outstanding amount because of not getting any job. 

For this reason, when you are in college, it is the right time to start saving or investing money so that it can start producing a good return when the repayment period begins. Here time plays an integral role. During your college days, no lender will ask you for money, and in this way, there will be ample scope for investment.

It has been observed that even many students engage themselves in part-time work. Money earned from that job can be easily utilised in investment. Actually, the main fact is, the sooner one starts, the scope of worry can be avoided.

  • Investment during college days ensure liquidity

If you are familiar with banking, then the word compound interest is not unfamiliar to your ears. Usually, compound interest clearly denotes extra money earned on interest. Almost every bank offers the facility of compound interest after keeping a certain amount in the bank account. When the interest amount is accrued due to over interest, then compound interest is generally earned.

It is considered as profit. Now, the amount earned as profit is another extra income. You may have also heard about interest capitalisation, which has nothing to do with compound interest. Moreover, it is completely different from accrued interest. This is something one should always avoid.

Certain investment plans are specially designed for college students where the amount required for investment is less, and return can be earned on compound interest. As per the recent survey, students who start saving money early have a minimum tendency to take out provident doorstep loans in the future. We have heard real-life stories from many students who enjoyed liquidity by saving money from their college day.

  • Help you to fulfil future financial goals

Only after becoming an adult, a student can apply for an undergraduate course. Approaching college and adult age leads you towards another new phase of life. It is like the end of teenage and the beginning of adulteration. Perhaps, you have seen your father how well he is in managing finance. Now, there is no trick or spell within it.

You should not forget that in due course of time there will be your family too. After becoming a graduate, the time arrives for finding a job that may serve as a stable source of income. It may be a 9-5 job, or it may be a business income. We want to express that your college days are, to some extent, the beginning of this new phase of life.

Therefore, if you have taken a student loan, then the scenario becomes graver as you have to repay the borrowed amount. To repay interest + principal, a good amount of money only spent without satisfying any financial goal. Without setting your financial goal, it won’t be easy to incorporate a proper financial plan. As a result, throughout the entire life, it will become a cycle of repayment and debt.

While you are in college, let make use of the fund in its best possible way. It is better to stop doing unnecessary expenses and save money for the future. Maybe you will require fund while getting married. Start investment by keeping this financial goal in mind. As after getting a job, you may want to get married and to start a family.

We prepare for fulfilling your financial goal with the help of investment rather than using lenders.

  • How can a student start investment?

Well, there are thousands of ways. However, before starting investment, a student should make sure that his portfolio is constructed with less risk and a good diversified one. It clearly denotes that a student portfolio will not be similar to a steady investor.

A student can invest in mutual funds, Exchange Trade Funds. He can also buy a minimum number of shares. Even investing in Life insurance could be a great idea.

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