A working HVAC unit is a good companion in harsh temperatures. It will keep your home cool in summer and warm your home in winter. Moreover, With its daily usage, there comes a time when you have to clean it for proper functioning. On the other hand, ducts need cleaning after some time. 

Usually, people try to clean it themselves, and in doing so, they damage the ductwork, reducing the efficiency of an HVAC system.Unless you want to hire HVAC cleaning in Suwanee service, you better have proper tools to clean your ducts. Let me tell you what you need.

Acquire the Right Tools & Equipment for HVAC Duct Cleaning

Like any other work, HVAC cleaning needs a specific set of tools. Although, cleaning your air ducts is not a simple task. In most cases, you may need a specialist. Anyway, if you want to clean ducts yourself, you will need proper tools.

However, These tools may be easy to use, but acquiring them is another story. Additionally, You may borrow them from someone who already has them, but it is better to know what you need if you want to purchase them for yourself. Here is a list of tools you need for cleaning:

1. A Screwdriver

The first tool that you probably would already have is a screwdriver. It is common to find air ducts and vents fastened using screws or something similar. However, Unless they are hammer with nails, you can pretty quickly open those vents for cleaning using a screwdriver.

2. Brush with Stiff Bristles

The second thing you need is a brush. In addition to this,  Since some ducts are bent and can’t be reached to clean tough to remove stains, dust, or spider web cobs, a typical dust brush with a long handle is ideal for cleaning. If you buy a new brush, try one with stiff bristles to give the best results.

3. Heavy–Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Firstly, It is an essential tool for cleaning, so having a good vacuum is necessary. Secondly, A conventional vacuum cleaner can do the job appropriately. However,  it is preferred to use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for best results for duct cleaning. Nowadays, they sell such a vacuum at your nearest hardware store. So all you have to do is tell them what you need it for.

4. Dry Cleaning Cloths or Paper Towels

Firstly, To wipe areas around your duct when dusting, some cleaning cloths and paper towels will come in handy. Secondly, You can also use these to cover supply registers while cleaning other registers. Sometimes your duct may have water inside, and having clothes can help you clean ducts better.

5. Replacing Furnace Filter

If there is clogging, it’s better to change the furnace filter as clogging can damage it. It is recommended to check the furnace filter and change it after duct cleaning is completed. However, When buying a furnace filter, make sure what kind of filter you need. It is better to buy a compatible filter, or it will now work efficiently. Therefore, it’s better to have the filter inspected or get assistance from Suwanee GA’s heating and air conditioning service.

Now, if you have followed my steps, you will have everything needed for cleaning your duct. Now let’s get to the hard part, cleaning.

Steps on How to Clean HVAC Ducts and Vents

After getting all the necessary tools, here are the steps to clean your ducts.

1. Covering Supply Registers

The first and vital step to cleaning your air ducts and vents is to cover the supply registers. The reason is to keep all your other rooms free from dust that may travel to your different rooms. You can use paper towels or microfiber cloths for this. To cover the registers, lift the grills and cover them using paper towels or cloth. Don’t forget to replace them occasionally because they may also get dirty.

2. Turn on Fan in Duct

An intelligent choice is to turn on the fan before you start cleaning your ducts. It will loosen dust, making cleaning easy and effective. However, make sure to keep the heat supply off because it may overheat and damage your equipment, plus you can’t work in the heat. HVAC cleaning in Suwanee services does the same, so it’s better to take precautions.

3. Clean Supply Registers

After cleaning air ducts, supply registers will have accumulated dust and other elements that require cleaning. Depending on the dust, debris, or other particles, you may also need a brush or vacuum for cleaning. Lift the registers and sweep out the dust and debris, or you can use a long broom to perform a deep sweep cleaning to clean the registers’ piping system.

4. Clean Return Air Registers

Take the screwdriver and unscrew the return air registers to clean it. Sweep off any dust that might have accumulated inside the piping system using a brush. You can use a brush with a long handle to access the more profound cavity. If at any point cleaning gets the better of you, you may ask the heating and air conditioning service Suwanee GA for assistance.

5. Turn off power connected to the System

What’s the thing you are forgetting? Fan, yes. After leaving the fan running for a few minutes, turn off the power connected to the System. It is because while accessing main ducts, it is risky to clean while the System is running.

6. Unscrew Air Duct Covers for Cleaning

Air duct covers are fastened using screws or other fasteners, for which we already have tools. Use that to unscrew air duct covers and grills to gain access to your ducts. Clean surfaces and grills using a clean cloth. However, you can also use soap and water if they are too dirty—professional HVAC cleaning in Suwanee services portable power tools instead of a screwdriver. You can use it too if you need it, but it’s not compulsory.

7. Vacuum Clean the Air Ducts

It is where the real fun begins. Unless it’s a traditional vacuum, it should have a hose long enough to reach the troublesome spots and corners of your duct system. Vacuum clean your air ducts thoroughly, making sure not to leave any spot untouched. As mentioned in the tools section, you should consider acquiring a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner because the traditional one is not powerful enough for deep cleaning. Use your brush to remove moulds and mildew (if any), and using a clean cloth, wipe the interior as far as you can reach.

8. Clean Blower Compartment

Again, make sure the power is off so that you can reach the return air boot and the blower compartment. Remove the panels in front of the furnace to do so. It is not because dust and dirt buildup around the stove can lead to clogging. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust buildup. Take extra precautions when cleaning the furnace fan and clean it gently. Be sure not to damage it by mistake. You can leave this part for the professionals. Call your local heating and air conditioning service Suwanee GA for assistance.

9. Replace Furnace Filter

Dust buildup and clogging will surely damage your furnace filter, and a malfunctioning filter will restrict airflow and reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner. After cleaning HVAC ducts and air vents, make sure to replace the furnace filter for better functioning. You may call a professional for assistance here as it is something complex and can damage your furnace system.

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