The sunlit contour of Dubai invites wanderers. As well as travel enthusiasts to witness its exquisite beauty. Desert safari Dubai is the ultimate arena for adrenaline junkies, aspirers, and nature-lovers. From hopping on a camel’s back to dressing up in Arabian robes, there are myriad gates to open there.

Discover what an evening expedition to the Arabian dunes offers. You’ll agree that it’s the best time to visit them.

Adventures in an Evening Tour to Desert Safari Dubai

  • Dune Bashing

Meet the thrill by challenging yourself to ride on the carriers of dare-devils. The terrain of Dubai is brimmed with super enthralling SUVs. These 4×4 vehicles are installed for the amusement of adrenaline junkies. You can go for quad biking and dune bashing in these tempting 4WDs. Drive an Atv bike by yourself on the high sandy slopes. Cross the dunes with your squad in a dune buggy, land rover. Or a hummer and experience a topsy-turvy ride at the contour.

  • Sand Skiing

Surf the golden ripples of the Arabian sand sea. Cuddle up in the sand which is so soft that it slips out of finger spaces. Sand skiing during the cantaloupe of sunset is an extreme shot of a blast. Along with saving you from the scorch of the sun. It also offers you to take the coolest silhouette shots. While jumping along with your sandboard.

The travellers especially tourists impatient for an exciting thrill at this tour. It would balance the rented board on the ups and downs on the red high Arabian dunes. That sandy experience will leave you cuddling on the Arabian dunes with relentless laughter.

  • The Cultural Fest

Take inspiration from the ongoing cultural fests at the dunes of Dubai. Indulge in henna painting, falconry, shisha smouldering, and Arabian attiring. The famous white robes called “Kanoura”. Along with traditional Arabian scarves are available there. Take some shots wearing this cultural dress while holding a falcon bird. The traditional Bedouin-style camps also catch attention. As they reflect the old tribal ambience.

  • The Alluring Sunset

The bewitching landscape of the sunset is. What attracts travel enthusiasts to the proximities of desert safari. You’ll notice that the hues of the dunes never remain the same. At first, the dunes seem gleaming as if bathed in gold. Later when the sun’s apex turns down, there is a beautiful cantaloupe spreads all over the terrain. The sunset views are so breathtaking that one can’t resist capturing its beauty in camera. So come to the serenity of the Arabian dunes and witness its dusk with a wanderer’s eye!

  1. A Night of Entertainment

The live stage at desert safari is a famous event of an evening desert safari. After soaking yourself under the dusky delight of the sunset, enjoy these live shows. There is a live depiction of the famous Tanura dance, stickman show, fire show, and belly dance. These performances by stunning artists are mind-blowing. Which contribute to your unforgettable memories at the desert safari.


The dunes of Dubai are a perfect platform for wanderers to explore the signs of the old archaic plain of the UAE. An evening expedition to a desert safari doesn’t load your pocket much. That’s why you’ll see this place jamming with SUVs. besides, the campsite activities, and a venturous vista with sundown.

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