A shelter may shield you against extreme heat, snow, rain, and wind conditions. You can relax, sleep and hide from animals in any kind of environment. A shelter is also the basis where you can store the water, food, and basic facilities. Hence, you should know about making your shelter and how the shelter protects you.

Factors why need a Shelter to Survive

Survive in a harmful environment is a difficult task. Even before you obtain water and food, if you find yourself in the woods and under terrible weather conditions, you should find or create a shelter. You should also carry knives, Emergency Flashlights, and matchsticks. You will be protected from a range of uncontrollable factors if you have a good shelter:

  • It will give relief from the summer weather.
  • It will protect you from cold winds and heavy snow.
  • In the event of rainfall, it will keep you secure and dry.
  • It will protect you against animals, insects, and snakes in the area.

Emergency Shelter is also your temporary living place. You may keep your food, water and tools there. It will help you to protect yourself from harm weather or animals. You should build a shelter next to a good water supply, because it may be a difficult task to carry large water containers to your camp.

How to Construct a Shelter Quickly

Survival Hygiene Kit is another important factor that you should take along with you. There are numerous thick and long sticks and they are leaned against a tree or a rock. You would like to lean them as closely as possible to the ground, it will be harder to detect and more windproof.


Thus, these are the importance of emergency shelter for survival. In times of extreme weather, emergency shelter is necessary. All the safety elements of the best tents and shelters are there to protect the people from dangers.