The best woodworking books all have a few things in common, and that is they teach you about woodworking, and do it in a way that is fun, easy to follow, and makes you enjoy what you are learning. These books are definitely some of the best, and they are all great places to start.

The first three books are all beginner project books. They get you started with an introduction to tools and techniques, and then they get you right into building smaller projects, and things you can use around the house.

These books are great, because they give you the beginner woodworking knowledge that you need, and let you build something at the same time.

After that, I included one book that teaches you all about the different kinds of wood that is available in the world. If you are going to be a woodworker, you have to know your medium. This book ensures that you know all about wood, and how versatile it really is.

After that, the next one is my favorite wood finishing book of all time, written by the greatest wood finisher of our time. If you are going to learn woodworking, then you should also learn wood finishing right from the beginning.

Finally, a bonus book, my own beginners guide to woodworking that I wrote to help you get past all of the beginner hurtles and get right to the heart of the craft. It’s years and years of my wins and losses all in one book, and I’ll share that with you in the end.

  1. The Complete Book of Woodworking
  2. The Complete Manual of Woodworking
  3. The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking
  4. The Real Wood Bible
  5. Understanding Wood Finishing

5 Best Woodworking Books for Beginners Wrap-Up

There you have it, the 5 best woodworking books that will make the learning process a lot easier for any beginning woodworker. The list started off with a few introduction and project books, and those are a great way to get to know the tools, and make a few easy projects.

After that, there is a really good book on learning about wood types, followed by the best book on finishing ever printed.

If you have any questions about the post, or any of the books, you can email me, and I will be glad to help.