Different types of metals used for the valve manufacturing process like aluminum, copper, bronze, silicon bronze, etc. It is important to use the correct valve as per your requirement.

Valves are used for throttling flow, starting or stopping the flow, relieving and preventing backflow, etc. There are a wide variety of valves and configurations. They are suitable for all services, conditions, uses. Every valve is made for different materials, pressure, temperature conditions. There are different types of valves that serve different purposes. Here is the list of valve types and their applications.

Globe valves

The globe valve flow path follows a changing course, thereby causing pressure drop and increased resistance to flow. The globe values are suitable for throttling flow because of the seating arrangements. These flow characteristics can be changed by reconfiguring their discs.

Gate valves

There are some gate valves such as knife gates valves, parallel slide gate valves, pipeline slab gate values, and wedge gate valves. The pipeline slab gate valves are available in parallel slabs and expanding two-piece wedding slabs. Its main application is for AP16D and also used for API6A wellhead valves. It is made up of metal with a soft seat configuration.

Check values

There are some check valves that include swing, piston, ball check, tilting disc, and left check values. The left check valves are used to prevent backflow in the piping by constantly keeping the fluid flow in one direction. Some check valves are spring-loaded to operate faster. The vertical downwards flow must require a spring-loaded check value.

Swing check valves

A swing and wafer dual plate check valve is used to check the cease revere flow with a flap that swings onto a seat. It checks only for the forward flow, which is horizontally or vertically upwards.