Here is a list of designing and construction tips to secure your guest network to accommodate your visitors and keep it secure and functional.

Many companies prefer to keep all guests who are visiting their campus to be happy while they are on the premises. This includes building and maintaining a guest wireless network. So that people who are visiting the company can connect to the internet. Besides making your guest happy, the main reason for providing the best guest wifi solutions is that they will not interfere with the business wireless network. So it is very important to have a guest network at your premises.

Separate the guest and business networks

The biggest mistake that most people are making is allowing their guests to latch onto the business network. If a guest with an unsecured device connects with your business network, it can open your enterprise to security breaches and threat actors. So you need to design a separate guest network for other peoples. While using the guest network, you can also see the guest wifi analytics, which shows the task performed by your guest and their activities.

Wireless hardware placement

You need to consider where to place your routers and access point when you build your guest network. Your network doesn’t need to cover every part of your campus; instead, you can focus on where guests are likely to be, for example, waiting rooms, guest rooms, etc. These are some perfect places to install a guess access point. Many hotspot software offers you different features, and you can manage your wireless network.

Bottom line

Guest network will completely help you to protect your official resources, and you can also install them in your home. Even many hotels are using a different hotel wife solution for their guest.