Choosing the right gift for your significant other can be a challenge. You want to pick something they will enjoy but is also affordable. Though there is always the option to spend hundreds of dollars at a gift store, something more personal is always considered a better option. 

Let’s look at five great romantic gift ideas that your significant other will love but won’t break the bank.

Scented Candle

Scented candles have been growing in popularity for a while. However, there has been a recent boom in the number of options available. Gone are the days where scented candles were simply “cinnamon” or “lavender.” Instead, modern candles have complex scents which can spruce up any setting and add a touch of something unique to the room.

If your significant other is a coffee addict, they may appreciate a coffee-scented candle. However, if you want something a bit more exotic or exciting, try a spiced blackberry candle.

This gift can be nice on its own. However, your goal should also be to show your partner how much you understand their likes and interests. Plus, there are plenty of ways to create a custom scent so that you get exactly what you’re looking for that no one else will have. Going the extra mile in this regard will show your partner just how much you really care about them.

Wallet Card

If your significant other is a wallet person, they may like a customized wallet card. This is a thin metal card with engraving. We are especially fond of this wallet card that says, “I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, & all that you’re yet to be.” This thoughtful card will remind your partner of you each time they are bored and look through their wallet. 

There are plenty of fun options with these smaller gift ideas, and you can even add a bottle opener option with a loving message that doubles as a useful gift.


Flowers are the go-to romantic gift for many couples. This trend has persisted for centuries, and for good reason! There are a wide variety of flowers out there—each one with its own appearance and scent.

If you know what type of person your partner is, they may appreciate a specific kind of flower. For example, red tulips are great for celebrating your love. Conversely, white tulips are great as an apology gift.

Take a little time to research flower meanings and choose a lovely bouquet that expresses your feelings!


Chocolates are practically synonymous with romance. A nice selection of chocolates goes a long way, even if your partner isn’t a chocoholic. You can find some excellent chocolate for your partner at a confectionary store. However, this gift doesn’t have to be fancy.

There are many great chocolate brands you can buy from stores. This includes Lindt and Ferrero chocolates. Be sure to wrap them in a lovely ribbon to give them a fancier appearance before presenting them.

When In Doubt – Restaurant Gift Cards

Though not everyone appreciates a gift card, if you’re struggling with photo gifts or getting something personal and thoughtful for your loved one, they come in handy! Spruce up a gift card to your partner’s favorite gift card by including a gift basket full of some of their other favorite things. Add their favorite drink, candy bar, a little trinket they can keep on their desk at work, and a thoughtful card promising to take them on a date whenever they want! 

Simple but effective. You don’t have to go all out to show your partner you love them, no matter the holiday or occasion!

Photo Gifts

One of the most romantic things you can do is to immortalize your experiences together with unique photo gifts. You have endless options like photo blocks, photo mugs, pillows, and more at online printers like Canvas Factory!

You can’t find these gifts in any retail store, and your partner will likely be really impressed that you had the mind to order them a special gift before date night or your next anniversary. Everyone appreciates photo presents because they are unique and only include you and them. 

Photo mugs are especially fun because not only can you add a particular photo, but you can also add a message just for them. They’ll smile every single they use it! 

Photo blocks are also an exciting gift because they can be small enough to fit on their desk or night table so that a photo of you and them can be admired every single day.

Canvas Prints

Last on our list of romantic gift ideas is to get your partner canvas prints. At The Canvas Factory, we offer custom canvas prints and many other photo gifts your partner will love. Get your favorite photos of you and your honey printed onto a canvas and stretched over a wooden frame. This gift is perfect for any couple that wishes to commemorate their happy memories with a physical display! 

Plus, you can be romantic and get your anniversary prints every single year to see how you and your partner have grown and changed together over the years. 

As you can see, there are plenty of romantic gift ideas out there. So look through this list the next time you want to get your significant other something special. When we break it down, we think the best gifts are custom because it really shows you’re willing to go a little further than the nearest mall to find them something they will love. 

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