Don’t lose your money by purchasing fake products, and use the tips mentioned above to spot the fake ones.

Nowadays, it has become common to add counterfeit in branded products, and people will also get cheated easily. Even there is an availability of fake Hermes blankets, and you have to be careful with counterfeit products. Many people think it is very tough to spot the fake one, but actually, anyone can recognize the difference between fake and real when they learn some tips. Here are the lists of tips to spot the differences.

Tips to spot the differences

•           Stitching

The reason to consider one company’s product as a top brand is they will show great attention to their craftsmanship. Experienced craftsmen will make the stitching more uniform, and this uniformity will be missed in the fake one. The Hermes handmade bags will have more stitches per square, and the fake version will not have that much. Each genuine designer will provide more importance to the stitching of the product.

•           Logo

The technology has improved more, and it becomes tricky to copy anyone’s logos. Branded companies will update their logos often and stuff many hidden details in a single logo. However, the fake version will have a slight variation in the logo than the original one. Some branded products like Saint Laurent handbags have their logo in metal, and in fake versions, the quality of metal might be cheaper, which is easy to spot. Fake products may have spelling mistakes in the name of the brand.

•           Fabric

The brand will use only high-quality fabrics and metals to manufacture products like the Manolo Blahnik shoes which have unique designs with excellent materials where the fake products will use cheaper products. Since they are using poor quality products, the cost of fake products is lesser than the original and branded products. Most fake products will use faux leathers, which will damage easily.